Guide to using MyComet with smartphone

This is a guide to registering a player in MyComet using your smartphone, rather than a desktop computer. (Read desktop computer instructions.)

When registering a player, please make sure you:

  1. Use the ‘PAY LATER’ option when confirming the registration — do NOT use ‘Submit payment’. Pay the fees into our bank account (ANZ) 06-0501-0856560-00.
  2. Add or update your contact details on the ‘Personal Info’ page, especially parents’ email addresses and phone numbers. If you don’t, we cannot contact new players to the club.

1. Login (if previously registered with a NZ club) or create new registration (if registering with a NZ club for the first time).

Visit to log in.

Use the username (7-digit number) and password you used last year. If you can’t remember your username, click on the ‘Forgot password/username’ link on the login page and enter the email address you would have used last year. You will be sent an email containing your username, and a link to create a new password.

If you have changed your email address since last year and can’t retrieve your password or username, email for help.

Smartphone login screen

2. Press the > next to MyComet to display the menu.

Open navigation menu

3. Press the ‘Register’ option.

Select pages from menu

4. Scroll down the page to find the option you want and press the green button (with the + in it) below your choice.

Choosing item to purchase

To deselect or cancel the option, press the red button with the – symbol on it.

Remove item from list of purchases

5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, then press the green ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.

Proceed to checkout

6. In the checkout, press the orange ‘Pay later’ button (not the submit payment button).

Select the ‘Pay later’ option when confirming order. You cannot submit payments online.

You will then receive a confirmation email from the Comet system with an invoice number. You will also get an email from the club with payment details.